Three Common Bonds

Customer benefit

Who is our customer? Off course our mad'u. They should gain the most benefit from what we bring forward. How do we secure this? Give a thought.

Sustainable earnings

For da'i, it is fundamental to earn for living. A business or company is attachable to personal need for earnings. If a da'i  is denying the fact that they need to take care about their sustenance, this is considered bad and he or she is not eligible to be da'i. But how do we tackle this issue? Should we concentrate 5 days for physical sustenance-searching and the balance for dakwah and others?

Diagonal asset 

An Islamic organization should look forward on how to maintain good asset in his or her group. How to maintain and gain good benefit from the workers and at the same time company won't have to 'loss' too much on human resource?

Insya-Allah we will deepen the concept of these aspects in my next article. 

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