19 Dalam hukum qisas ada kehidupan

Kaedah Quran:

19 Dalam hukum qisas ada kehidupan


Kehidupan menyeluruh
Impak hukuman
Impak Sosial

Apakah kaedah TRIZ yang berkaitan:

#3: Local quality, #37: Thermal expansion, #39: Inert Atmosphere

Apakah Akhlak yang dibina dengan Kedah Quran ini?

Komen seterusnya berhubung kaedah ini

Fizikal & TRIZ


Principle 3. Local Quality
A. Change an object or system structure from uniform to non-uniform, change an external
environment (or external influence) from uniform to non-uniform.
B. Make each part of an object or system function in conditions most suitable for its operation.
Regional variability in gasoline octane, volatility, emissions done all the time.
C. Make each part of an object or system fulfill a different and useful function.
• Regional marketing. Stores, including restaurants, have local menus.
McDonald’s has a different menu Florida that has Hispanic items, in
India with mutton and vegetarian items, not beef, etc.
• Locating distribution centers near customers.
• Choosing trade location at heavily popular areas.
• Hiring local people to acquire cultural knowledge of local customers.
• Selecting market segments on which organization will focus.
• Differential strategy development approach for each market segment.
• Addressed advertising by the use of customer perceived needs (image,
prestige) for each customer stereotype.
• Emphasizing product or service advantages in advertisement.
• Targeting sales for purchase occasion (routine use, present, season,
weather, vacation, etc).
• Benefits, bonuses, extra service for the most valuable customers.
• Customized marking, packaging, labeling.
• Focus groups for customer preferences study.
• Forced allocation survey type: quantifying customer preferences for
product or service features.
• Smoothing technique for conflict resolution: emphasizing areas of
agreement, de-emphasizing areas of disagreement, seeking a joint
problem solving opportunity.
Principle 3 (inverted). Global Quality
• Mass marketing: market with no segmentation.
• ‘Carpet bombing’ advertisement.
• Census instead of sampling survey.


Emosi/ Sosial


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