1 Ucapkan Yang Baik kepada Manusia

Kaedah Quran:

1 Ucapkan Yang Baik kepada Manusia



Apakah kaedah TRIZ yang berkaitan:

#1: Segmentation

Apakah Akhlak yang dibina dengan Kedah Quran ini?

Komen seterusnya berhubung kaedah ini

Fizikal & TRIZ


Principle 1. Segmentation
A. Divide an object or system into independent parts.
• Market segmentation: clustering prospective buyers into groups that
have common needs.
• Sales splitting between customers.
• Autonomous sales region centers.
• Division and sorting advertisements by categories.
B. Make an object or system easy to disassemble.
• Separate a sale into permanent and replacement part, requiring constant new purchase.
S.C. Johnson’s business strategy, for aroma products especially, and famous as the Gillete
strategy—sell the razor cheaply, or give it away, then sell the blades.
C. Increase the degree of fragmentation or segmentation.
• Mass customization: each customer is a market. Publix supermarkets in
FL prints out instantly, as you shop, coupons on the back of your
receipts from competitors of what you bought!
• Stratified sampling for heterogeneous customer population.
• Product advertisement mini-kits.
D. Transition to micro-level.
• Description of product function in advertisement on micro-level (e.g.
food, drugs advertised based on molecular properties).


Emosi/ Sosial


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