If you have no ultimate vision,any vision will do

What's your ultimate vision? If you have one, that would be the yardstick on any small or minor vision you will set in the future. If your ultimate vision is to be a billionaire, your minor visions may be to know more about money, investment, meet Robert Kiyosaki, know about interest and how to manipulate that for wealth or register a new company soon. But is that enough? What happen when you have been a billionaire? Rest at home? Not a wise choice for me. I doubt for you too.    

At this juncture, we are sure that our ultimate vision should be big. Big enough, beyond what we can imagine using our naked eye. For Muslims, their ultimate vision is to achieve paradise and see the Supreme God. Why is so? You can't imagine the paradise yet and you don't know how great when we are honored to see God in the hereafter. Both can't be reached here in this world. 

What do you expect the minor visions from those who'd like to achieve paradise and see God? Their minor vision will be set accordingly. If Covey in his book The 8th Habit  wrote that he can't imagine to be a piano player – thus he doesn't discipline himself and to have passion to learn that subject –  one might ask, why doesn't he choose to be one at his age? Simply said, that minor vision isn't important for his ultimate one. Otherwise he will struggle to be one.


Vision is the product of IQ. Discipline is product of PQ. Passion is of EQ and Conscience is of SQ. This is what has been stated by Stephen R Cover in his profound book, The 8th Habit – From Effectiveness to Greatness. If you want a vision, that's good. But before setting the vision, analyze the condition systemically. You don't want to set the vision to be a garbage collector if your ultimate vision is to be a professor or billionaire – in literal sense. But if being garbage collector is one of the steps to be a good Waste Management Professor or you collect money in billion by collecting garbage, that is not a bad idea.

Ultimate Vision 

I am impressed with Covey's book, but I would add some more to bring a big picture view on the book. Setting good, right ultimate vision is so fundamental and needs to be one of the steps for those who would like to search the inner voice and assisting others to find one. Although Covey wrote that the spiritual dimension which is related to conscience disregards the type of religious value and approach – because it is common throughout the world, that denies the ultimate vision which is real and will happen. This reflects the importance of eeman  of belief in the hereafter. After all, it bogs down to which religion is true – since setting ultimate vision is a choice – but every choice has its own repercussion. It is not free.

We need to find the voice and help others to find one. We will find the right voice after sincere, right methodology because we don't want our voice comes from satan. Who knows?

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