Between Hen and Eggs (Art of Guarding and Using PIES)

Discipline dikaitkan dengan Physical dalam menuju sesuatu tujuan harian kita. Vision dikaitkan dengan  Intellect,  Passion dikaitkan dengan Emotional manakalaConscience dikaitkan dengan Spiritual. Inilah peranan EPIS dalam menuju matlamat. Namun EPIS perlu dibangunkan dari semasa ke semasa dengan kaedah ini juga. Setiap elemen dalam EPIS mempunyai disiplin, visi, semangat dan nalurinya yang tersendiri. Perhatikan jadual di bawah:







  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Read/ write
  • Learn
  • Stable
  • Not easily disheartened

  • What to do
  • What to believe


  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Related to personal physical
  • Able to think wisely and quickly
  • Related to personal mind
  • Able to control feel and emotion
  • Related to social and family
  • What to target
  • What to have in the world and hereafter
  • Related to relation with the Creator


  • To be physically fit
  • Meet those who know about health guardian
  • To be intellectually fit
  • Ready to ask those who know
  • To be emotionally fit
  • Able to share and giving
  • Passion / ihsan to be closer to Allah
  • Full passion to exemplify Him
  • To be spiritually fit (iman yang teguh)


  • Use right methodology given by God and showed by Prophet – tradition from Prophet

  • Use source of knowledge from God – wattaquu wayuallimukumullah
  • Use the emotional driven by God – mukhlasin
  • Gut and baseerah to see Him wherever you are

  • When we use discipline, vision, passion and conscience in specific for physical, intellect, emotional and spiritual, that is only when we are to execute anything planned.
  • But for growth, each dimension has its own discipline, vision, passion and conscience. Refer to the table above.

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