They outdo themselves

We had a discussion last night. Farhan is from Bangladesh, Ahmed from China – long resided in Saudi, Mohsin – Indian living in Kuwait and Jamshed from Pakistan. I am from Malaysia.

We had so much fun and topics to discuss. But one point that made me ‘jolted’ is what came from Farhan:

‘In great civilizations, they outdo themselves. Then they collapsed’

It is true. US send so much money for expansion of democracy – Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Even South America. But it is not worth when thinking the Americans need lot more the money than the Iraqis do. At last, economic downturn happens in America. Bail out and so much tactics need to be done to recuprate the loss. And America is at the brink of collapse.

Islamic civilization did that too but in different way. They expanse while doing ‘unjust’ to the world by having corrupt leaders.Expansion is acceptable, but not ‘unjust’ expansion. You will regret.

I couldn’t disagree with Farhan. 

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