Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • @imranty ke terkena demam Malaysia? 🙂 in reply to imranty #
  • sedang berlangsung Istafti Qalbak – Potensi untuk Berjaya #
  • theodemocratic idea by al-mawardi..should be interesting state of government #
  • mawdudi ..not al-mawardi #
  • @saifulislam bile lahir ustaz ? in reply to saifulislam #
  • minta doakan dimudahkan segala urusan … @saifulislam sedang berfikir nama…saya pun berfikir nama … menunggu cadangan… #
  • no need to worry about rizq but how do you behave will determine if your rizq arrive safely from Allah #

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pentingnya back to basic...our soul is the priority matter what # dalam kabut mencari aspek fizikal, intelek, emosi dan