TwitTarbiah 2009-04-22

  • listing out every verb related to pies and functional aspect of maqasid syariah #
  • how about systems approach and verb in pies. it should be interesting.sort of dictionary of life #
  • recognizing ibn asyur and shatibi’s view on maqasid syariah and relation to life system #
  • apa yang saya nak? kaya, banyak, mudah, sihat,kuat,datang berduyun2…this is P #
  • pandai,genius,berfikir…so verb is much more on particular aspect? the state or noun is not necesarily for just particular aspect #
  • @annkays dah cuba fikir dengan zikir ? in reply to annkays #
  • @annkays IIIT uses scholarly approach on every written book. i am also referring to turath book like from az-zahabi, syatibi.. in reply to annkays #
  • @imranty Mukmin tu S dan mampu meng-S-kan semua hal PIE in reply to imranty #
  • @imranty dah study pasal meng-S-kan PIE ke , akh? in reply to imranty #

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bila menjadi wasatan, kena sedia hadapi lebih cabaran dan bekorban # dari khutbah jumaat:when you spend for societal good cause,there,