Obama, Allah is watching Palestinians…

Everything has its own measure
On this earth, Obama
We don’t know His measurement
But for sure we know that He won’t leave Palestinians to fight on their own
Since you have done nothing for the Palestinians
Only less USD 1 million for Palestinians per day
While you give more than USD 6 millions per day for those Israelies

I believe in Allah
Your grandfather believe in Him too
The only Creator

Once the measurement has been met
Wait the Zionist group
If you support them



And the time will come
You will be gone from the history of mankind in real most degraded way

I hope you read this
If not, by your people
But I don’t care who you are
I have Allah
That is watching you and me
For what we do for those massacre in Palestinian

Count the number
His army is on the way
To you
Fear Allah!

Allahu Akbar


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