15 Kesudahan yang baik milik orang yang bertaqwa

Kaedah Quran:

15 Kesudahan yang baik milik orang yang bertaqwa


Orang baik
Orang fikir baik
Orang akhlak baik
Orang utamakan Allah

Impak akhir yang baik bagi produk
Impak buruk bagi produk

Apakah kaedah TRIZ yang berkaitan:

#10: Preliminary action (Prior action – “Do it in advance”)

Apakah Akhlak yang dibina dengan Kedah Quran ini?

Komen seterusnya berhubung kaedah ini

Fizikal & TRIZ


Principle 10. Preliminary Action
A. Perform, before it is needed, the required change of an object or system (either fully or
• Preliminary market research, before the product/service is designed.
• Preliminary advertising at the stage of product or service development.
• Selling of semi-fabricated products.
• Pre-paying.
• Red-line position prior to sales negotiation.
• Introductory questions for customer priming at survey interview.
B. Pre-arrange an object or system such that they can come into action from the most
convenient place and without losing time for their delivery.
• Building stock profile and placing pre-orders for cycle time reduction.
• Pre-arranged documents for sale (price list, payment bills, etc).

Principle 10 (inverted). Afterwards Action
• Post-paying.
• After-sales service.
• Bounty for purchase, service or labels collection.
• Rebate coupon for next purchase or service.
• Lottery with partial price reimbursement.
• Keepsake – token for memory.


Emosi/ Sosial


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